Matthew is the number 1 ranked blader and he use's multiple bey's but if you ask him what his main betblade is he'll say "my main bey,my main bey is Big Bang Pegasus"





Beyblade:Big Bang Pegasus

Big Bang PegasusEdit

Pegasus is the beast inside this legendary Beyblade

special movesEdit

  • Pegasus starblast attack:This Beyblade's first special move is Pegasus star blast attack.
  • Storm Bringer: This Beyblade's second special move is Storm Bringer.
  • Galaxy Nova:This Beyblade's third special move is Galaxy Nova.
  • Galaxy Strike:This Beyblade's fourth special move is Galaxy Nova.
  • Big Bang Explosion:This Beyblade's fifth special move is Big Bang Explosion.
  • Big Bang Assault:This Beyblade's sixth special move is Big Bang Assault.
  • Big Bang Sky Assault:This Beyblade's seventh special move is Big Bang Sky Assault.
  • Meteor Shower Attack:This Beyblade's eighth special move is Meteor Shower Attack.
  • Tornado Wing:This Beyblade's ninth special move is Tornado Wing
  • Star Shooting Gazer Attack:This beyblade's tenth special move is Star Shooting Gazer Attack.